I just checked the leftward, emphatically anti-Trump politico.com website.  And I found that it is currently featuring 4 – count ’em, 4 – articles with varying degrees of negative reaction to a Michael Bloomberg presidential run.

This one, this one, this one and this one.

Obviously, it is eminently clear that politico.com is not happy with the prospect of Mr. Bloomberg entering this race.

And if you read the reasons for the articles’ negativity, you’ll find that (as we already have discussed in this blog) they generally center around the fact that Bloomberg, who has proven in the past that has no problem spending massive amounts of money to win a nomination, might – might – be able to blow past the competition in a primary race…

…but, in a general election, he will be anathema to the hard left base that currently runs the Democrat Party.

The result?  His candidacy will almost certainly lower voter turnout among that segment.  And ditto among a good number of Black voters, who resented his “stop and frisk” policy as New York City’s Mayor.  It might even generate a left wing third-party run.

Bottom line:  four more years of Donald Trump, which the folks at politico.com and its like minded pals want about as much as they want an advanced bowel virus.

The prospect of a Bloomberg candidacy is getting more interesting by the day.

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