As regular readers know, I have put up most of the unercover videos created by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) which blow the lid off of how Planned Parenthood operates, how they are illegally harvesting and selling baby parts for profit – not just expenses – and how, in one video, a Planned Parenthood employee shows that the baby, outside the womb, has a still-beating heart – thus is still alive by any standard of human decency – before sticking a scissors into its face to kill it.

Well, Planned Parenthood is not taking this lying down.  They hired an organization to counter-attack CMP.  Not a medical organization, mind you, but an opposition-research organization; the kind Hillary Clinton might use against Bernie Sanders.

Why they did this is not entirely clear to me, given that mainstream media, in its relentless devotion to doctrinaire partisanship for the left, has barely reported that these videos even exist.  But they did.

How feeble is this counter-attack?  Well, here is the beginning of CMP\’s response:

Deconstructing Planned Parenthood\’s Failed “Forensic Analysis” Report

On August 27, Planned Parenthood released what they claimed was a “forensic analysis” report on CMP\’s published investigative footage. In reality, the report is a pseudoscientific production by Fusion GPS, a political opposition-research company that has no forensic certifications. While the report, which contains multiple errors, set out to delegitimize CMP\’s video evidence, it only provides evidence of the opposite: the report admits that “This analysis did not reveal widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation” and that it “shows no evidence of audio manipulation.”

Planned Parenthood\’s review of the undercover meetings with Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Dr. Mary Gatter, Dr. Savita Ginde, and Melissa Farrell identifies sections in the full footage of these conversations where bathroom breaks or waiting time between meetings were removed to protect the investigators. The Center for Medical Progress provides original recording files to law enforcement and official investigators, but endeavors to present our findings to the public in the most accessible way possible. This brief will review the specific cuts and other issues raised by the Planned Parenthood report.

And now, I urge you to read the rest as well, by clicking here.  It makes mincemeat of Planned Parenthood by doing nothing other than referencing exactly what happened on the tapes, exactly where….and, at the end, offering the complete, unedited tapes to law enforcement.

However, the media travesty, I have no doubt, will continue. 

Mainstream venues, like ABC, NBC and CBS will do their best to bury this story, even though it does not bear on whether they anyone should be “pro-choice” or “pro-life”, only on the conduct of Planned Parenthood.

The reason?  I surmise they are burying this story because they have no intention of (gasp!) being called any of the names that Planned Parenthood and its supporters call pro-life groups.  In other words, the same reason that they so rarely report Black on White crime in the racial terms used to report White on Black crime;  because they are fearful of being called “racist” by people who, in a more rational world, they would long ago have dismissed as little more than opportunistic race hustlers.

Partisanship, PC and fear.  What a great trifecta for media.  No wonder non-traditional information sources are growing exponentially.

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