Ifa government program signed into law by former President George W.Bush was causing cancer patients to go broke, brain tumor victims topay more for their insurance, and was leaving HIV/AIDS patients inthe lurch – you can bet the Big Three news networks would\’ve packedtheir shows with these tragic tales.

Butthese horrific stories and more, all caused by ObamaCare, have yet tobe given even one second of airtime on ABC, CBS or NBC\’s eveningand morning shows in 2014

Quite a beginning to a blog, isn\’t it?

You just read the first two paragraphs of Geoffrey Dickens\’ latest, at newsbusters.org, in which he details one horror story after another after another which has occurred due to ObamaCare…and then reminds us of Harry Reid\’s stupid, ignorant (so help me, those adjectives are a kindness – every other one I considered is worse) comments that all such stories are lies – followed by a hasty revision that they aren\’t all lies, just the vast majority of them.

Do yourself a favor.  Use the link and read Mr. Dickens\’ entire piece.  See for yourself what is happening.  Then multiply it by the countless other people who, for the same reasons, must be going through the same hell. 

Then ask yourself why not one of the major networks has provided its viewers with so much as one second of coverage regarding what ObamaCare is doing to real people in desperate circumstances. 

Then ask yourself how much positive coverage you have seen of ObamaCare on these same networks during the past several months.

Then ask yourself why you would trust either this administration or its Accomplice Media to give you a truthful, evenhanded account of ObamaCare.

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