If ObamaCare is such a terrific piece of legislation, if it saves everyone money, if it gives everyone better insurance…

….how come we are now up to 38 instances of the Obama administration either changing it or waiving it; none of them done through congress (you know, that little matter of how the constitution says it is supposed to be done)?

Excerpted from a piece in yesterday\’s Wall Street Journal (here is the link, but you have to be a subscriber to read it):

Liberalssay they believe in a living Constitution, and apparently they thinkthe Affordable Care Act is a living document too. Amid one morelast-minute regulatory delay, number 38 at last count, the mandateforcing nuns to sponsor birth control is more or less the only partof ObamaCare that is still intact.

OnTuesday evening, the Health and Human Services Department announcedthat the six-month open enrollment period for ObamaCare insurancethat began in October 2013 and was supposed to end on the last day ofMarch would be extended indefinitely. As long as people self-attestand check a box that they had some difficulty signing up on with the36 federal insurance exchanges, the deadline will no longer obtain.

Thisdelay is particularly notable because HHS factotums denied up anddown that it was ever the remotest possibility and even that theagency lacked any legal basis to do so. The statute directed HHS todeclare an enrollment period by June 2012 and provided for no ex postfacto rewrites.

HHSspokeswoman Julie Bataille told reporters on a March 10 conferencecall that, “We have no plans to extend the open enrollmentperiod. In fact, we don\’t actually have the statutory authority toextend the open enrollment period in 2014.” Texas RepublicanKevin Brady asked HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at a March 12 HouseWays and Means hearing “Are you going to delay the openenrollment beyond March 31?” She replied categorically, “No,sir” and “There is no delay beyond March 31.”

Yes, Obama & Co. are making it up as they go along. 

Yes, they continue to lie about what they are doing, right to our faces.  You can keep your insurance, you can keep your doctor, you\’ll save an average of $2,500 per family, the March 31 deadline absolutely will not be extended, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

And, yes, our wonderful “neutral” media, by and large, have dilligently tried to downplay, or just plain hide, their ongoing breach of the public trust.

But ObamaCare is an unworkable monstrosity.  And, despite the best efforts of Barack Obama\’s Accomplice Media, most people know it. 

This disaster on wheels will – and damn well should – bite them in the midterm elections.  Good and hard.  You know where.

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