Here\’s a little bit of news most mainstream media won\’t be providing you with…because it reflects badly – very badly – on ObamaCare.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), ten million people will be pushed off of employer-based insurance coverage by 2021.  Originally, it had projected just one million.

Ten million?  Up from one million?  For a system about which the President originally told us – dozens of times – that “if you like your coverage you can keep your coverage”?  If that isn\’t news, what is?

Well, it isn\’t.  Not for most media venues. 

Why?  Because, like the burying of the Bowe Bergdahl investigation, and the fact that radical Islamic terrorism is not “virtually decimated” but alive, well, and stronger then ever, it is embarrassing to Barack Obama.  And we can\’t have that, can we?

A question for anyone who can provide a credible answer:  why did the CBO get this so wrong?  Was it because they\’re all impossibly incompetent?  Was it because the data they were provided by Obama & Co. were so fraudulent that it caused this kind of disparity?  A combination of the two? 

And if the CBO can be so wrong about this element of ObamaCare, why would we believe anything else they have projected about any other element of it?

My final question:  what would it take for mainstream media to stop acting like Barack Obama\’s Accomplice Media, and report this information with the same flair it reported supposed “successes” for ObamaCare (remember how it covered the now-debunked 8.1 million signups ObamaCare was supposed to have achieved by last March?)

Or, put more simply, when are they going to be actual journalists again, rather than a cheering section for Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats?

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