There are people – a good number of them, evidently – attacking Governors Cuomo of New York, Christie of New Jersey, Malloy of Connecticut and Mayor bill de blasio of New York City for overreacting to the blizzard that, for the most part, turned into little more than a good-sized snowfall (as opposed to Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine, where it was everything the forecasters predicted).

That is ridiculous.

The closing of schools, highways, etc. was not done on a whim or anyone\’s neuroses.  These leaders worked with the information they were given, by forecasters whose training and technology told them an epic blizzard was on the way. 

Instead of breathing a sigh of relief that things changed (as they often do with storms that come up the northeast corridor), it was much easier to take a cheap shot at the people who were trying to protect us.

What would these same geniuses have said if only minimal precautions were taken, and the blizzard fully materialized?  Would they be first on line to lay blame for the resulting stranded cars, accidents and fatalities on Cuomo, Christie, Malloy and de blasio?

I thank them all for doing the right thing. 

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