How bad is ObamaCare for Democrat incumbents (not to mention insurgents)?  Bad enough that they are trying to find a way out of having to defend it.

This is a dilemma.  Because if they say it is the disaster on wheels that most people know it to be, they are going directly against the President and their party leadership.  That\’s not how you get campaign funds.

So the strategy for many seems to be that they say “hey, this is good, but flawed…it just needs some tweaking here and there”.  That, they hope, will keep the $$$ flowing, but at the same time convince voters who are (bad pun here) sickened by ObamaCare that they are on the same page.

Excerpted from Anita Kumar\’s article at the McClatchy web site:

In 2010, Democrats ignored the slew of attackson the health care law only to lose more than 60 seats – and their majority -in the House and six seats in the Senate. Now they\’re switching strategies,casting themselves as crusaders out to repair a broken law.

They call the law “imperfect” and “flawed.”They air television ads that highlight the need to “fix Obamacare.” Theycriticize President Barack Obama for the “disastrous” rollout of the website,healthcare.gov, and for breaking a promise to Americans that they could keeptheir health insurance if they liked it. Many defy the White House and supportRepublican proposals to change the law.

“I would not have thought it would still be anissue. But now I think this will be an issue through the campaign,” said BrianNestande, a state legislator and one of the Republicans vying to challenge Rep.Raul Ruiz, the Democrat seeking a second term.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz famously told us, months ago, that Democrats would proudly be running on ObamaCare this year.  Wouldn\’t you love a journalist – one who does not cower at the thought of going up against a Democrat – show her Ms. Kumar\’s article and ask if she still feels this way?   

When it comes to ObamaCare, the relevant quote is not Ms. Wasserman Schultz\’s.  It comes from the late, great heavyweight champion, Joe Louis…who said of opponent Billy Conn, who said he would fight Louis using a “hit and run” strategy, that “He can run, but he can\’t hide”. 

FYI:  Louis knocked Conn out in the 13th round.

Similarly, some Democrats may think they can run from ObamaCare in one form or another.  But if they think doing a political dance for the voters will enable them to hide from its consequences, a good many of them are likely to be in for a very bad time come November.                        

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