With all the negative material we are subjected to every day, I thought I would tell you a story – a true story –  that is guaranteed to brighten your  day.

Last November, our son and daughter in law invited my wife and I, along with our daughter-in-law\’s mother, to a place they had booked for a few days in Puerto Rico. 

The prospect of staying with our beautiful family – my son\’s mother in law very much included (he was just as lucky in that regard as I was with my mother-in-law) – not to mention the fact that the hotel was taken care of and we could use points for our flights, was irresistible.  Off we went.

We got to the airport in San Juan and taxied to the hotel.  But somewhere along the way, mom-in-law lost her wallet –  which contained ID, credit cards and a substantial amount of cash.  We checked everywhere – including, of course, the cab – but it was nowhere to be found. 

End of story – or so we thought.

Yesterday, mom-in-law got a call from Puerto Rico.  It was the cab driver who took us to the hotel.  It seems that he was in the back of his cab, searching for something or other he thought he had dropped there, and – lodged in a place so difficult to see that neither he nor any of his subsequent passengers noticed it – was her wallet. 

Remember:  this is 3 1/2 months later – long after it would have been any problem for him to toss the credit cards (which, by that time would have been canceled) but keep the cash and anything else of value. 

Instead, he found her phone number in the wallet, and called mom-in-law – at his expense – to say that he was sending it to her with everything intact.

Amazed, she thanked the driver profusely, and told him to keep some amount of the cash (maybe all of it, I\’m not 100% sure) as a reward.  He turned her down flat – apparently because he felt he should not be rewarded for simply doing the right thing.

As you probably have guessed, once mom-in-law gets the wallet back, she intends to send the driver a sincere thank-you note – accompanied by a check with a substantial reward.  We all hope he will cash that check, but I would not be surprised if he just tears it up.

So in case you wonder whether there is anyone left with a personal sense of honor and integrity, there\’s your answer.  I hope this story puts a smile on your face…and, at least somewhat, restores your faith in humanity.

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