In “A History Of The World: Part I”, Mel Brooks, as Louis XVI and doing whatever he wanted to, famously said “It\’s good to be the king”.

Well, we have found his real-life counterpart. 

 Barack Obama, playing himself in “A History Of The Obama Administration:  Term II”, is doing whatever he wants to.  His famous line, more or less is, “It\’s good to have a pen.”

And, taking his lead, so are other members of this Congress as well.

Excerpted from John McCormack\’s piece at weeklystandard.com:

Ona conference call with reporters Tuesday afternoon, officials at theDepartment of Health and Human Services insisted that March 31 is thefirm deadline to sign up for Obamacare. “We have no plans toextend the open enrollment period,” HHS official Julie Bataillesaid. “In fact, we don\’t actually have the statutory authorityto extend the open enrollment period in 2014.”

Areporter followed up, asking why the administration could delay manyother parts of the law but not this one. Michael Hash, who directsthe Office of Health Reform at HHS, replied that the law states thatthe HHS secretary must set the open enrollment dates by June 2012,which Secretary Sebelius did. “Once that 2014 open enrollmentperiod has been set, they are set permanently,” Hash said. Hedid not explain why the administration has the authority to ignoreother statutory deadlines to implement the employer mandate or cancelprivate health insurance plans not eligible for “grandfathering.”

There you go. We change what we want to. We retain what we want to.  We are the Obama administration. Congress? What congress?

So, because they want it to, this week marks the end of the open enrollment period.  And once it is over, you will hear glowing reports about how many millions of people have signed up (in fact, you have been hearing them already).

I hope it matters to you that, to do this, the Obama people will have to gloss over the facts that:

– a large percentage of the “sign-ups” – estimated at 20% or more – did not pay premiums and thus are not signed up at all,

– there are dramatically fewer 18-34 year old sign-ups than is necessary for ObamaCare to make economic sense.  The administration said it needed 38%, but insurance companies estimates (not the administration – it doesn\’t offer any; the Obamas\’ dog must have ate them) only about 25% are in that age category;

-the numbers are wildly inflated due to the 4 – 6 million people who had insurance – which they had personally selected based on their needs – lost that insurance because it didn\’t meet the ObamaCare one-size-fits-all requirements;

-and, of course, the lies about ObamaCare sign-ups being able to keep their insurance plans and keep their doctors if they wanted to.

The saddest part?  A great many of Barack Obama\’s Accomplice Media will dutifully look the other way regarding all of the above – not to mention the fact that he has waived ObamaCare for just about everyone for two years – to join him in a some kind of grotesque “victory dance”, as if this were a success.

But it isn\’t a success.  It is a disaster.  An unworkable monstrosity that any honest appraisal would easily identify as such.

The big question is whether, in the 7+ months from now until midterm elections, whether Mr. Obama and his Accomplice Media can fool enough people to retain the senate, thus to keep this going, as-is, for another two years.

Logic says no.  But do yourself a favor and don\’t bet against it.

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