As I assume you are aware, Hobby Lobby and the Obama administration are currently before the U. S. Supreme Court, fighting out whether or not Hobby Lobby – and other companies – must offer coverage for methods of birth control which might be considered as causing abortions.   (A lesser known fact – thank you mainstream media – is that Hobby Lobby is not demanding that all, or even most, birth control methods be removed from the coverage it would offer; only the ones which terminate an existing pregnancy).

I think it is fair to say that most people, regardless of their views on abortion and contraception, would agree that Hobby Lobby and the Obama administration are adversaries. 

But not on everything.  I\’ve found an area where they seem to agree.

Days ago I blogged about the fact that, even after the major flap which erupted because Hobby Lobby did not offer any Jewish-oriented greeting cards, or seasonal goods during Chanukah – not even in stores servicing areas with large Jewish populations –  the chain is doing exactly the same thing as we go into the Easter-Passover season.  Its stores offer a full range of Easter-oriented goods, but not a thing for Passover.  From this, I concluded that Hobby Lobby considers Jewish customers, as a group, to be expendable.

So how is that a point of agreement with the Obama administration? 

Please read the following excerpts from two articles published today, and see:

The first is from a Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) article at haaretz.com:

Discriminationagainst visiting Arab-Americans is the primary reason Israel is noteligible for a program allowing Israeli tourists in to the UnitedStates without visas, the Obama administration said.

“TheDepartment of Homeland Security and State remain concerned with theunequal treatment that Palestinian Americans and other Americans ofMiddle Eastern origin experience at Israel\’s border andcheckpoints, and reciprocity is the most basic condition of the VisaWaiver Program,” Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman, saidMarch 21 in her daily briefing with reporters.

Israelsays its rate of refusal of entry for Arab-Americans is notdisproportionate and notes that under the Oslo agreements with thePalestinians, foreigners of Palestinian descent undergo a differententry protocol.

The second is from Sharon Churcher\’s article at newsmax.com:

TheSaudi government is refusing to allow the Jerusalem Post\’sWashington bureau chief to cover President Barack Obama\’s trip to theArab kingdom.

In a move that the White House CorrespondentsAssociation called “outrageous,” MichaelWilneris purportedly the only member of the Washington press corps who hasbeen denied a visa for the trip.

The Post reported that theSaudis ignored “firmly worded requests” to grant theapplication, which were made by U.S. National Security Adviser SusanRice and presidential assistant Tony Blinken to Saudi Arabia\’sambassador to the United States, Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir.

Thenewspaper added: “Rice and Blinken separately expressed extremedispleasure at the delay and the prospect of a denial.”

TheWhite House said it has complained about the denial.

“Weare deeply disappointed that this credible journalist was denied avisa,” said Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the NationalSecurity Council. “We will continue to register our seriousconcerns about this unfortunate decision.”

To summarize:

-The Obama Administration State Department decides Israel is discriminating against Arab-Americans, rejects Israel\’s denial and explanation, and punishes Israel by voiding a program that would make it easier for Israeli tourists to visit the United States;

-But when Saudi Arabia specifically and explicitly denies a visa to the one Jewish correspondent covering President Obama\’s trip there – no denial, no explanation – the trip is not cancelled.  Nor are any sanctions or other punishments put in place.  Just a little dog and pony show of publicly whining out complaints about it, as the event goes on as scheduled and the Saudis get their free pass.

Earlier, I said this was a point of agreement between the Hobby Lobby and the Obama administration. But, on reflection, allow me to amend my conclusion because a difference – albeit a subtle one – does, in fact, exist.

Their point of agreement is embodied in their treatment of Jews.  The difference, however, is that:… 

-Hobby Lobby considers Jewish customers expendable;  i.e. it makes clear that they are neither wanted nor needed.  

-By contrast, the Obama administration wants and needs Jewish voters, but assumes they are so completely owned and operated by the Democrat Party that it doesn\’t matter how Jews or Israel (which most Jews support) are treated.  These suckers will vote Democrat anyway.

Oh, and there is one other difference – a huge one:  we don\’t ever have to engage in any dealings with a Hobby Lobby store.  But the Obama administration is in control of our country every day. 

The 2016 elections cannot come fast enough.

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