Interesting what over 6 years of incompetence and blaming others for failure gets you.

According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, guess how President Obama does, favorability-wise versus the 4 still-living former Presidents?  And no peeking below until you give yourself an honest answer.

Got your answer locked in?  Ok, good.  Here are the favorable/unfavorable ratings for Mr. Obama and the others:

Barack Obama:           49% – 49% 

George W. Bush:         52% – 43% 

Bill Clinton                   64% – 33%

George H. W. Bush:   64% – 30% 

Jimmy Carter :           56% – 30% 

That\’s right.  if this poll is accurate, every ex-President, without exception, generates a greater level of favorability than Mr. Obama – including George W. Bush, the guy he has blamed everything that ever goes wrong  on.

What does this mean?  Nothing, really.  To me, it is just a poll and a snapshot in time.

But to a narcissist/egotist like Barack Obama?  I doubt he\’s quite as unfazed by it.  Especially given that even George W. Bush, the guy he has blamed every failure in his administration on, is now ahead of him.

What a bitter pill that must be for Mr. Obama to swallow.

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