Note to Trevor Noah, the South African comedian who is slated to take over Comedy Central\’s Daily Show after Jon Stewart leaves:

Dear Trevor:

If you want to be a success in the United States, you better learn something fast.   Do not make jokes about women.

You can make all the jokes you want about Black people, because you\’re Black  In the USA, jokes that would summarily end a non-Black\’s career are laff riots if spoken by a Black person.

You can make all the jokes you want about Jews, because it is currently open season on Jews in general and Israel in particular.  Feel free to be as vile as you care to, most of the hard left will lap it up like a cat with a bowl of cream.

But you cannot make jokes about women.  You can\’t call individual women fat or ugly.  That is horrible, hate-filled material and will not be tolerated.

I hope this has been helpful.


Ken Berwitz

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