Democrats keep telling us there is no fraud in our election system.  And we keep finding fraud… Democrats.

Here\’s an interesting little twist from Colorado, via the following excerpt from Greg Campell\’s article at

The Colorado secretary of state is investigatingallegations that some Boulder County Republican election judges are actuallyDemocrats in disguise.

Boulder County GOP Chairwoman Ellyn Hilliard initiallyraised the alarm when visiting polling locations where she didn\’t recognizesome of the GOP judges who are tasked with comparing voter signatures on mailballots to protect against vote fraud.

She became alarmed when she noticed some ballots whosesignatures clearly didn\’t match those on file for the voter being accepted.

Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert beganinvestigating and confirmed to the Daily Camera that she found”some troubling inconsistencies with some election judges.”

“One of them was a Democrat who had changed partyaffiliation on Oct. 10, so we are concerned that Boulder didn\’t follow thelist, then resorted to advertising for these positions,” she told the paper.

Is it true?  Did Democrat operatives see an opening and magically become “Republicans” who are willing to accept fraudulent ballots? 

Let\’s hope that Secretary of State Staiert a) is an honest broker of this issue who b) will make her determination as quickly as possible (i.e. by checking – IMMEDIATELY –  to see if a bunch of the “judges” in question are Democrats who suddenly changed parties to get in on the action).

Anyone who thinks voter fraud doesn\’t exist in this country needs a cerebrum transplant.

And that goes double for anyone who thinks that the party which fights to prevent checking for voter fraud doesn\’t benefit from it.

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