This morning, I watched most of the Today Show\’s first hour.

The very engaging, smiley-face folks who host Today had plenty of time for a major hit piece on Chris Christie, who reamed a heckler while speaking in Belmar New Jersey yesterday (nowhere was it mentioned that the heckler, who was intentionally blocking the camera, and trying to out-yell Christie – while the crowd was telling him to shut up – happened to be a Democrat and former officeholder in Asbury Park).

And they had plenty of time to tease us about the Halloween costumes they will be wearing on tomorrow\’s show.

But there was not one second to mention the midterm elections, which will directly affect the governance of this country for at least the next two years, and the fact that, as of now, polling data make Republicans heavy favorites to take over the Senate.

Nope, there are no midterm elections on the Today Show.  For the people (possibly millions of them) who rely on Today for their news, these elections don\’t even exist.

Media bias?  You tell me.

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