Do you know that a dozen or more U.S. soldiers, from among the 4,000 President Obama sent into harms way in West Africa, are currently in quarantine.

But not in the United States.  In Italy.

Can\’t believe your eyes?  Think I\’m kidding?  Read this and see for yourself.

Did you also know that Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has just announced that there will be quarantining all of the soldiers sent into Ebola Central – even as President Obama demands that nobody be quarantined stateside?

Can\’t believe that one either?  I don\’t blame you.  But here it is anyway.

Is it possible (make that probable…no, make that virtually certain) that the reason the first wave of soldiers has been shipped to Italy is so that, during this week before the elections, the U.S. public is as unaware as possible that such quarantines are taking place – because it just might make them even more outraged that these troops were sent in the first place?

Over two more years until this nightmare ends.  I hope we survive until then. 

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