Here is a completely non-political offer, to any readers who use qualitative research facilities in downtown Chicago for focus groups, one on ones, usability studies, simulated jury trials – or seminars, small meetings and any of the other many uses a such a facility is excellent for:

My company, National Qualitative Centers (NQC), is running a sale. 

Book focus groups with us now and, by simply mentioning my name, you will get $100 off the rental for each session – no matter how many individual groups/meetings/seminars are being conducted – or $200 off for each full day of one on ones, usability research, jury trials, etc.

What you will not get, however, is even 1% off the quality of service that has made NQC a top-rated facility ever since the ratings have existed.  Check us out on the Impulse Survey, and be sure to look at previous years, as far back as you can go. 

NQC is located at 625 North Michigan Avenue, – the heart of the Magnificent Mile.  We have been at that location for 33 years.  We remain now what we always have been:  the best of the best…and here is your chance to find out first-hand, while saving significant money in the process.

Just call our manager, Pam Kowalewski, at 312-642-1001 or 800-335-1222, and tell her Ken sent you!!

Ok, back to politics — where top quality and money savings are virtually unknown.

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