What does the Arsenio Hall show have in common with the IRS scandal?

They both have died – at least so far – for lack of media coverage.

Arsenio Hall\’s new (one year) talk show has been cancelled by CBS.  The reason?  Low ratings.  A key reason for the low ratings?  Virtually no media coverage.  It did not matter whether Mr. Hall\’s show was good or bad, if media declined to provide any buzz for it.

Similarly, the IRS scandal – and it is a huge scandal – has, until now, suffered exactly the same fate.  Groups targeted based on their beliefs, lies exposed about where the decision to do this emanated from, top-level people taking the fifth amendment like mafia hoods, and media still can\’t figure out why it is news.

I don\’t know if Arsenio Hall sees the same parallel that I do; frankly I doubt very much that he does.  But that parallel is there.  The constant is that if media decide not to report it, people don\’t know about it, don\’t care about it, and it sinks back to oblivion.

Maybe lois “liar” lerner can take over Arsenio Hall\’s spot on CBS late-night.  She is certainly more willing to ask questions than give answers….and it will be fun to see her reaction if show guests refuse to answer those questions on the grounds that it might incriminate them.

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