Push-polling, as you probably know, is devising a poll which, through the wording of its questions, and/or the order of its questions, and/or what is does and does not ask about, “pushes” the results to a particular side of things.

With a major tip of my imaginary hat to Tom Blumer at newsbusters.org (I urge you to click here and read his entire blog), here is an excellent example – which was pulled from a poll commissioned by the (Obama-friendly, ObamaCare-friendly) Kaiser Family Foundation:


Well, there you have it. People want the discussion of ObamaCare to be over. See?

 Now let\’s talk about something more important than our health care, and 1/6th of our entire national budget.  After all this is just tired stuff, right?

Here\’s a question for you:  since the economy – jobs, specifically – is currently the single most important thing on people\’s minds, can you name any subject at all – Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, the Middle East, the national deficit, racism, sexism, women\’s rights, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. – which, if substituted for “health care law” in that question, would have gotten a different result?

And if the answer is that most, or all of those subjects would have gotten the same result – i.e. less talk about it and more of a focus on jobs – then does it not follow that we should not be talking about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, the Middle East, the national deficit, racism, sexism, women\’s rights, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ?

What\’s that you say?  Of course not?  Well, if I heard you correctly, we are 100% in agreement.

Is it not clear how ridiculous this question is?  That the question was framed in a way which would maximize prospects for this kind of result?

At this point, you probably are wondering who and what the Kaiser Family Foundation is.

Well, the answer is that it is a huge supporter of, and contributor to, Barack Obama. 

In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, “Sur-prahz, sur-prahz”

It is also the entity that owned Solyndra, the largest of the “Green scandal” companies, which the taxpayers of this country bailed out to the tune of over half a billion (that\’s with a b, not an m) dollars – and the company that Barack Obama lied so blatantly about his relationship with that even the Obama-supporting, left wing Huffington Post couldn\’t stand it.  Read Matthew Daly\’s devastating piece on their relationship and see for yourself.

So, bottom-line, what we have here is an Obama-friendly entity, which owes Obama big time for his administration\’s bailout of their failed company, concocting a poll designed to show that the country doesn\’t want to hear about ObamaCare anymore.  It is disingenuous, dishonest and a blatant attempt to bamboozle the public.

In other words, business as usual for the Obama administration.

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