Remember the terrible economic news, that first quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth was 0.1%?

Well, that number has just been revised.  Downward.

The new, revised figure, as reported by The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) yesterday, is that, in the first quarter, GDP contracted 1.0%.  That\’s right, it went down by 1 full percent. 

So the news media, always hot to report economic news, were all over this, right?

Yeah, sure.  This is the Obama administration we\’re talking about.

According to Sean Long\’s blog at, CBS was the only network to mention this at all last night…and not one of the morning shows – neither CBS nor ABC nor NBC – bothered to mentioned it this morning.

Let\’s think about this.  Fourth quarter 2013 growth was up 2.6% – not especially good, but certainly in positive territory.  And the networks had no problem at all letting us know about it.  But when growth drops to negative territory the very next quarter?  Waldo is easier to find than network news coverage about it.

I use the term “accomplice media” a lot in here. Any doubt about why?

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