These headlines on the ABC “news” website:

Congressional investigators want to question Trump’s longtime secretary, Rhona Graff, in Russia probe

Trump’s longtime bodyguard-turned-White House aide Keith Schiller eyed in House’s Russia probe, sources say

Who’s next, Robert?  The bathroom attendants at Trump Towers?

With his staff stacked with donors to Democrats in general and Hillary Clinton in particular, Mueller is going to keep plugging on, keep trying to find something, until he maybe gets lucky and can invent a Scooter Libby clone to persecute.

What isn’t there, isn’t there.  If Democrats and their allies both in and outside of the “deep state” couldn’t find it in a year, you’re not going to either.  So you’ll have to improvise, won’t you?

Meanwhile, ABC “news” and their counterparts and NBC and CBS continue to bury the Clinton/Russia connections.  The Clinton/Ukrainian nationals collusion.  The awan scandal.  Etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

These are paid propagandists posing as journalists.  The punchlines to their own joke.

They barely qualify as pathetic.

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  • Dear Friends of Mr. Trump (i.e. recipients of Mueller subpoenas)
    No need to worry about getting Scooter Libby’ed.

    Merely begin every sentence with “As I recall” “To the best of my recollection” “It was something like ….” or just “I dunno for sure …. maybe ….”

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