On October 3 of last year, the Dow Jones industrial average hit an all-time high of 26,828.39.  But it then dopped precipitously, to 21,792.20 on December 24th.

Media, very understandably, were filled with stories of this drop and speculation about how much further down it would go; whether the bottom would fall out altogether and there would be an economic disaster.

Well, as I write this, just four months later, the Dow has flown back up and sits at 26,677.46 – within striking distance of that all-time high it hit last October.

Tell me:  how much media attention have you seen paid to this turnaround?   How much positive reaction have media given it? How many stories about the good news it represents have you seen?

Notice the difference? If so, there is no need to write another word – you already know the point I would be making.

But they still wonder why  fewer and fewer people trust them?


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  • But they still wonder why fewer and fewer people trust them?

    I’m going to use a word you very rarely get to use, could the media really be that obtuse.

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