What horrible news.

Former three-time Governor of New York Mario Cuomo has died today at the age of 82.  The cause was heart failure.

Mr. Cuomo, who died just hours after his son, Andrew, was sworn in for his second term as Governor, leaves four other children, including CNN anchor Chris, radiologist Margaret, Maria, Madeline…and Matilda, his wife of over 50 years.

I did not always agree with Mario Cuomo\’s politics (though sometimes I did: he was a staunch advocate for equal rights, he was serious about lowering taxes to make the state more financially secure, and he was against the death penalty, as I am in almost all cases).  But I thought of him as a highly intelligent, thoughtful man who sincerely believed in the causes he espoused – laudable qualities that, sad to say, elude most people in the political arena. 

My condolences to the Cuomo family on its loss.

May Mario Cuomo rest in peace.

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