Last week, when our new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, announced she was going after FIFA (soccer) executives, I scratched my head, but – in an effort to give her the benefit of the doubt – chalked it up to a desire to grab a few cheap headlines.  At that time I hoped that it was not a smokescreen to avoid investigating serious issues, like for example, The Clinton Foundation.

Today, however, the news is that Loretta Lynch is going after movie theaters

Still no word about any investigation of a “Foundation” which collects hundreds of millions of dollars, gives a tiny pittance in charitable grants, shows 60% of its total take in “other expenses”, accepts millions upon millions upon millions in donations from countries that consider human rights a party joke….

….and for which one of the people whose name is on that foundation, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, approved something like $163 billion dollars in arms deals

Oh, did I mention the insanely high “speaking fees” several of these countries also paid to Hillary Clinton, and to Hubby Bubba? 

Yep, soccer and movies is just what the DOJ should be investigating instead.

This is the equivalent of a cop walking past an armed robbery in progress and issuing a jaywalking ticket.

I titled this blog Loretta Laughingstock because, so far, she has richly earned the description.  Maybe one day soon she will perform in a way that unearns it. 

I hope so.

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