The bad news is that Lindsey Graham, in announcing that he will seek the Republican nomination for the presidency, is the 8,453rd Republican who has either announced or probably will (ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point).

The good news is that he is a good candidate – one whom I don\’t agree with on everything (which puts him in the company of every other candidate on both sides of the aisle), but I agree with a lot.  And he\’s someone who has real qualifications and major positive qualities, which pushes him ahead of most.

Some facts about Lindsey Graham:

-When he was 22, after the death of both his parents, he adopted his 13 year old sister and raised her.

-Militarily, he served in the Air Force for 6 years, than in the Air National Guard, than in the Air Force Reserve where he achieved the rank of Colonel.   

-Educationally, he graduated the University of South Carolina law school and become a practicing attorney – which is why much of his military career was served in a legal capacity.

-Politically, he won election to the South Carolina state legislature, then four terms in the House of Representatives, and now he has just won a third term as U.S. Senator. 

Not bad for a 59 year old.

Philosophically, while conservative on many isssues, Lindsey Graham has no problem departing from the party line depending on what issue is being discussed – and is well known for being able to work with members of both parties.

The two biggest knocks against Mr. Graham among Republicans are that:

-he is not as completely rightward/doctrinaire conservative across the the board as some would like, and

-he has never married – which leads some to suspect he may be gay (FYI:  he says he is not). 

-In what probably will be seen as a related matter, Graham opposes gay marriage – but feels a ban could not be accomplished legally, and that, if the Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage, Republicans should drop the issue and leave it be.

FYI:  If Lindsey Graham should become President, he would be the second who never married.  James Buchanan beat him out by 160 years.

One other thing:  if this blog suggests that, all things considered, I am pleased with Lindsey Graham\’s entry into the race, and could easily vote for him….

….you got that right.

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