I\’m sorry to start the new year with ugly news, but things are as they are.

laura Johnson has been reappointed by New York Mayor bill deblasio.

If you read this blog, you know that johnson is the New York criminal court judge who released the following two “men” without bail in December:

 -devon coley: a career criminal with two pending trials who had threatened to kill New York police officers and

-travis maye:  who assaulted a police officer and then told him and his fellow officers he would find out where they live and they would die.

After johnson released coley without bail – and being strongly criticized for doing so by an official of the Office of Court Administration –  she released maye without bail the very next day.  Any doubt about where her sympathies lie?

And, knowing this, Mayor bill de blasio reappoints her to the bench.

Isn\’t this the same Mayor bill de blasio who claims he has nothing but the highest regard for cops? The same de blasio who, the day before reappointing johnson, met with police union heads to assure them he has NYPD officers\’ backs? 

With what?  a stiletto?

A Mayor who would reappoint someone like laura johnson to the bench is a Mayor who is telling his police department to go screw themselves; that he doesn\’t care what happens to them.  And they know it. 

Now you do too.

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