In 2001 David Bernard, France\’s Ambassadoor to the United Kingdom, created a firestorm by referring to Israel as “that shitty little country”.

Well, what goes around (and I do mean “goes”) apparently comes around…one way or another.

Excerpted from an article in

Twoyoung members of France\’s far right National Front have been expelledfrom the party for spiking the drink of its second-in-command with alaxative, reports AFP.

Theincident took place while the party\’s vice-president Louis Aliot,who is also the boyfriend of party leader MarineLe Pen, was visiting the party\’s Bordeaux offices several monthsago, according to Wednesday\’s report.

Thedeputy secretary general of the National Front, Nicolas Bay, told AFPthat three party members sought to disrupt the meeting by slipping alaxative into Aliot\’s wine glass.

Bayaccused the trio, who were hauled before the party\’s disputeresolution commission, of “destabilization maneuvers”.

Thethird prankster received a lesser punishment of a one-yearsuspension, noted AFP.

How could this happen to a National Front guy like Louis Aliot?  There must be something wrong with his movement.

Personally, I suspect bowel play….

Then again, given the National Front\’s positions, it\’s too bad the wine didn\’t go to his head.

Ok, enough.  Next bad pun is up to you.  I\’m going back to USA politics, where no laxative is needed to get a load of shit directed our way.

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