hugo chavez, the former “President” of Venezuela (I put that in quotation marks based on the quality of elections  – after the first one – which put him there) ran Venezuela into the ground, while supporting every left wing government in Latin America.

His successor, nicolas maduro, won a similarly odoriferous election, and has continued to do the same.

Finally, however, the Venezuelan people seem to have had enough.  And today just might be the day a major line is crossed.

Excerpted from Tim Marshall\’s article at Sky News:

Theanti-Government demonstrations in Venezuela may be approachingboiling point with a showdown set for Tuesday in the capital Caracas.

ThreeUS diplomats have been expelled and an arrest warrant issued foropposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

Thedemonstrations have grown in intensity over the past two weeks. Theyare partially a response to an economic crisis in an oil-richcountry.

Inflationis the highest in Latin America. Crime has soared, there are powerblackouts, the black market is flourishing and food staples aresometimes difficult to find.

TheSocialist Government blames shortages on saboteurs and sees the handof the Americans in the crisis.

I hope that the Venezuelan people do the right thing here.  I am rooting for the maduro government to act responsibly, and for there to be minimal violence and bloodshed.  But, in truth, I can\’t say I\’m confident that this is the way it will go.

Let\’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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