Sometimes you don\’t believe you\’re reading this stuff.

Excerpted from Mark Drajem\’s article at

Capturingcarbon from coal-burning power plants would increase the cost ofelectricity at those facilities by as much as 80 percent, more thanutilities would get by selling the carbon, an Energy Departmentofficial said.

JulioFriedmann, the deputy assistant secretary of the Energy Department,told a congressional hearing today that his office is working todevelop joint carbon-capture projects with utilities. As thetechnology advances, costs to install the equipment can be cut inhalf, he said.

The viability and cost of adding carbon-capture equipment has gained attention because the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed requiring all new coal plants to trap some carbon-dioxide emissions.

Friedmann said the first carbon-capture plants will increase the cost of building and operating a plant by 70 percent to 80 percent for wholesale electricity rates. Those plants can recoup about half the cost by selling the carbon dioxide.

Wow, great news!!  If the EPA gets its way, electricity costs for a new plant will jump 70% – 80%….but if the carbon dioxide is sold, the jump is only 35% – 40%,

I hope the government is ready for the gold-rush of entrepreneurs stampeding to get approval for their new plant in the USA instead of Mexico or Asia…now that they are aware of this wonderful news about electricity rates.

Tell me:  what does the Obama administration have to say about this?  Isn\’t that the same administration who appointed the people proposing this brilliant system, guaranteed to stimulate our economy?

Oh, what\’s that you say?  No word on what Obama & Co. say about it?

I wonder how come…..

January 20, 2017 at noontime.  That\’s when this nightmare ends.  Unless we get someone who thinks the same way our current President does, that is.

Can this country possibly be willing to take at least for more years of the same?  I shudder at the prospect.

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