Amazing, isn\’t it?

In the seemingly never-ending effort to rationalize and explain away the actions of Black street thugs, we are now being told that the word “thug”, which describe someone who engages in destructive and/or violent criminal acts, cannot be used because “it is the new n-word”.

Baltimore City Councilperson Carl Stokes, “comedian” (if you find him funny) Larry Wilmore, Baltimore Reverend Jamal Bryant, Alex Witt and her panel of of the Professionally Oppressed at MSNBC and others have all told us as much.

Not surprisingly, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake – the useless scared rabbit Mayor of Baltimore, whose most significant contribution to this disastrous situation was empowering the street thugs by allowing them to loot and burn – is taking her cue from these people and backing off her use of the term.  Rawlings-Blake\’s twitter take-back is as follows:

I wanted to clarify my comments on “thugs.” When you speak out of frustration and anger, one can say things in a way that you don\’t mean.

Can President Obama, who also called them thugs – when the word was acceptable earlier this week – be far behind?

After all, we can\’t insult those wonderful people who smashed cars, broke everything in sight, looted dozens of stores and burned businesses down, can we?  They are the salt of the earth; just misunderstood and oppressed by the power structure.

Freddie Gray, whose death was the catalyst for these riots – not just in Baltimore but in other urban centers around the country as well – was a career criminal who, at the age of 25, had already amassed a record of 18 arrests for, among other things, burglary and drug-dealing.  With that in mind, I suppose you can argue that, regardless of how he died and who was or was not at fault, the actions his death spawned are a fitting tribute to his life.

But regardless of how you feel about Freddie Gray, and regardless of how he died, let\’s be clear:  rioting, looting and burning is thuggery.  And the people doing it are street thugs.

All the rationalizing and all the nonsensical “explanations” in the world will not change that reality.

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