The above question, which references michael avenatti, lawyer for “stormy daniels” (stephanie clifford, actually), is based on the investigative reporting of’s Peter Hasson – and the fact that, grudgingly I’m sure, a number of mainstream media venues have backed his reporting up.

How would you feel about a lawyer who defrauded the government out of millions?  Who was ordered to pay a $120,000 judgement to a woman fired by his company for the “crime” of becoming pregnant – but, a year later, has not paid even one cent?  Who has not paid the first $2,000,000 installment of a $4, 850,000 settlement with his former law partner?

Does the word “scumbag” fit?  Or am I being too easy on him?

Want the details on all of these claims about avenatti?  If so, please read Mr. Hasson’s latest piece, in which he lays out the particulars.   Then decide for yourself what to call stormy daniels’ lawyer.


  • Investigative of a fudge Twinkie versus regular ?
    Oh I get it…he’s got the audacity to be suspicious of a mobbed up, elder abusing , 5 time draft dodging , lying racist traitor ?

  • Michael Avenatti Is a worm.
    Dear worms, please excuse me for associating you with this scumbag, Avenatti.

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