For those of you who want still more evidence of how the outing of what amounts to a plot to overthrow the elected Trump administration has been (and continues to be) pursued…

…we this excerpt from the latest (typically) excellent commentary by former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy:

We wuz robbed. That’s the theme Democrats and their media allies are working hard to cement into conventional wisdom. And robbed in a very specific way: The 2016 presidential election, we’re to believe, was stolen from Hillary Clinton by disparate treatment. As Democrats tell it, the FBI scandalized their candidate while protecting Donald Trump.

You might think peddling that story with a straight face would be a major challenge. But they figure it may work because it was test-driven by the FBI’s then-director, James Comey, in his now infamous press conference on July 5, 2016 — back when the law-enforcement and intelligence apparatus on which we rely to read the security tea leaves was simply certain that Mrs. Clinton would win.

If you or I had set up an unauthorized private communications system for official business for the patent purpose of defeating federal record-keeping and disclosure laws; if we had retained and transmitted thousands of classified emails on this non-secure system; if we had destroyed tens of thousands of government records; if we had carried out that destruction while those records were under subpoena; if we had lied to the FBI in our interview — well, we’d be writing this column from the federal penitentiary in Leavenworth. Yet, in a feat of dizzying ratiocination, Director Comey explained that to prosecute Mrs. Clinton would be to hold her to a nitpicking, selective standard of justice not imposed on other Americans.

So it was that the New York Times, in this week’s 4,100-word exposé on the origins of the FBI’s Trump–Russia probe, recycled the theme: Government investigators were savagely public about Clinton’s trifling missteps while keeping mum about the Manchurian candidate’s treasonous conspiracy with Putin.

See, the problem is that, as facts come out exposing this attempted dump-Trump cabal (that word is not used lightly), its perpetrators have to come up with an alternative-universe narrative to cover it up…hoping that the same sheeple who bought their lies and their selective “reporting” of news (depending on which candidate was being discussed) for the past two years, can be manipulated into buying their explanation of why those lies and that selective reporting somehow don’t count.

Will it work?  Well, it worked for a great many people until now.  And there is no guarantee that, even as it is unraveling, it can’t be restrung.

Time will tell one way or the other.  But time cannot erase what a disgrace most of these pretend “journalists” have made of themselves and their profession.

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