“Hey you guys, can you believe the crazy things that wuss over there is doing?”

Who would say something like that?  Maybe a middle school student who doesn\’t like using curse words?   

Would you find it offensive at all?

Well, if you go to Macalester College in Minnesota, that sentence is going to get you in hot water (no, I am not making this up).

Excerpted from Katharine Timpf\’s article at campusreform.org:

AMinnesota college has launched a campaign to warn students about the”oppressive impact” of offensive language such as “wuss” and “you guys.”

The MoreThan Words: Inclusive Language Campaign wascreated by Macalester College\’s Department of Multicultural Life inorder to “raise awareness about the importance of usinginclusive language.” The campaign includes a series of YouTubevideos and posters around campus.

Thoughthere initially were only a handful of posters instructing studentsnot to use certain words, they quickly multiplied, Macalester seniorDaniel Surman told CampusReform inan interview Monday.

“Thefirst wave was [words] like \’gay,\’ \’girl,\’ \’retarded\’,” Surmansaid. “Then they had a second wave where suddenly the postersincreased in number remarkably … that showed all of these otherwords that weren\’t included before.”

Theposters instruct students to avoid words such as “crazy” or”derp” and replace them with “person with a mental healthcondition” or “person with a learning or cognitivedisability.”

Andthat\’s when people started being like, \’is this seriouslyhappening?” Surman said.

Thecollege also released multiple videos, one of which featured commentsfrom a professor.

“Ourculture is heterosexist, it\’s racist, it\’s patriarchal. It\’stransphobic, homophobic, ageist, ableist,”

There you go.  A college with nothing better to do than tell students they should not use certain words — words that a) do not have to be used in any offensive context, but b) even if they are used in such a context, are part of the free speech we supposedly enjoy in this country.

Well, at Macalester College, you can forget free speech as we know it.  There, the free exchange of thoughts and ideas, apparently, is exactly what the left wing ideologues decide it should be.  And Macalester is far, far from the only college doing this.

Stalin would have loved them all.

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