Ken Berwitz

Our children are not being educated, and we are falling further and further behind the rest of the world.

Doubt me?  Read this chart:

Are we teaching political correctness?  Entitlement?  Probably a great deal of it.  

Are we removing disruptive students from classrooms?  Probably not as much as we should.

Are we removing incompetent teachers from schools?  You\’re kidding, right?  Ever hear of teachers\’ unions?

And are we facing up to this monstrous problem seriously?  NO we are NOT.  Not even close.

Here is an example for you – one that should stand the hair on the back of your neck straight up:  

In Detroit, 96% of all students are not proficient in math (i.e. below grade level) and 93% are not proficient in reading.

-But, according to the Michigan Department of Education, 79% of all Detroit Public School teachers are rated “highly effective”  – the best possible rating available – and 17% are rated “effective”.  Just 4% are rated either “minimally effective” or “ineffective”. 

Let\’s think about this:  7% of Detroit Public School students can read at grade level  – we\’re not talking about being whizzes, we are talking about being average – and 4% are at grade level for math.  But 79% of all Detroit public school teachers are given the highest rating and 96% are rated at least “effective”.  

That cannot be.  It is so far removed from reality that I\’m actually ashamed to post it.

Remember what happened in Atlanta?  The students in Atlanta\’s public schools were doing horrendously poorly, so a number of the teachers conspired to phony up test results?  There are teachers and administrators in jail right now because of that scandal.

Well what do you suppose is happening in Detroit, where we are being told that almost no children are functional in reading or math, but the teaching is excellent, bordering on great.

That stinks to high heaven and back again.  But if you think the elected officials in Detroit are going to do something about it – that they are going to rescue their children from the hellholes they call schools by seriously teaching basics, removing disruptive students, and realistically rating teachers – you don\’t know much about Detroit.

And while Detroit is the single worst of the bunch, look at how many other cities are nipping at its heels.

Looking away and pretending this does not exist will do nothing but make it worse.  And that is all we are doing.

What does it take to force us as a country to DO something about this?  How far do we have to fall?

The answer, so far at least, is further than we already have.  With no end in sight.

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