Ken Berwitz

Here is Washington Post writer Carl Bernstein\’s take on the CNBC debate:

“I think it was a bad, badnight for Jeb Bush. I think it was a bad night for Trump and for Carson. Theydidn\’t deliver the way they were expected to. More than anything, MSNBC was  –  I\’m sorry, CNBC was really reprehensible. 

“But we got a real lookat the Republican Party for the first time and their anti-government message isreally picking up steam. And the Democrats got to pay attention to it andthey\’re right about the mainstream media. 

“We in the mainstream media need to bereading the right-wing press more, looking online more. I look at it, becauseit\’s a very different universe than we talk about. And there\’s a lot of peopleout there that adhere to it.”

The admission that CNBC was reprehensible is self-evident – there it is in so many words.  But do you see the other one – the stunning admission that I wonder if Mr. Bernstein even realizes he made?

Bernstein, in that last paragraph, acknowledges his belief – his knowledge as he apparently sees it – that the definition of mainstream media is what he and his cohorts pump out.

With the best of intentions, Bernstein states his arrogant assumption that he and his crowd are middle-of-the-road, thus people who are to his right are the right. 

Here\’s a possibility you might want to entertain, Mr. Bernstein.  How about that you and your pals in what you call the “mainstream media”, are to the left of where this country is. The middle of the road is to your right.  And you have to continue rightward from that point to get to the right-wing.

It is worth thinking about, Mr. Bernstein.  Not just for you, but the rest of your “mainstream media” pals who believe, just as arrogantly, exactly what you do.

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