One after another, they come out:  polls showing that Hillary Clinton is sinking among voters.  And not just a little either.

The latest is CBS News\’ poll, released just yesterday, via the article at (I would put up more, but I\’m having difficulty accessing the site with the full range of poll numbers – I\’ll do so if/when I can see them myself).  The key findings:

-In total, 26% have a favorable view of Hillary Clinton, versus 37% having a negative view.  Just last November, here favorable rating in the same CBS poll was 38%.  That is devastatingly bad news in and of itself – but even worse when coupled with the fact that her favorability among Independents – the group which usually decides elections – has dropped by half.  By half.

-In this connection, it is not surprising that, while 65% of the sample says that its opinion of Hillary Clinton has remained the same since learning of the email scandal (note:  that doesn\’t mean it is positive or negative, only the same as it was beforehand), 29% says it has worsened.  In other words, virtually the only movement is negative.

If these data are correct – and the negative movement dovetails with a Reuters poll released just last week – Hillary Clinton\’s candidacy (assuming there will be one) starts with one foot in the political grave and the other on a banana peel.

One other thing:  for those who would answer by saying “Oh yeah, well the polls show that she still beats any Republican out there”, I would remind them that it is far easier to win comparatives against nobody in particular than it is against an actual candidate. 

Again assuming that the data we are seeing in recent polls are accurate, prospects for a Clinton win, therefore, would rest on how good or bad the Republican candidate would be.  In other words, it  would be in someone else\’s hands, not hers.

That is not how you want to run a political campaign – even if the external variable is one which might shoot itelf in the foot by nominating an unelectable candidate…which the Republican Party has shown itself more than able to do.

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