Apropos of nothing political….

Did you know that canola oil got its name because of its source?

It was created about 40 years ago, at the University of Manitoba, from rapeseed – i.e. oil drawn from several varieties of the rape plant (species Brassica napus) which is part of the mustard family

But since rape is not what you’d call a particularly attractive basis for a product name, it was decided that a new one would be invented.

So they came up with Canola – drawn from Can (canada) and ola (a play on the name of other oil products, like Mazola corn oil).

There you have it. And if you come across information more useless than this today, you need to find something better to do with your life.

Ok, back to politics, where the taxpayers are constantly raped by some of the oiliest people you’ll ever meet, who could not cut the mustard anywhere but in politics.


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