Two stories for you – which, although they occur at different campuses, are telling a story about what is going on at institutes of higher learning these days:

From Jessica Chia’s article in the New York Daily News:

Dozens of white nationalists marched through the University of Virginia campus on Friday night carrying torches while chanting “You will not replace us.”

The demonstrators, who also yelled “blood and soil”, a phrase tied to Nazi ideology, made their way through the Charlottesville campus before encircling a group of counterprotesters gathered around a statue of Thomas Jefferson.

A fight broke out, and some of the white nationalists swung their tiki torches at people, according to the Daily Progress.

Are you horrified by so-called “White nationalists”  – who would fit neatly in any ku klux klan klavern or bund meeting – marching on a college campus?

Me too.

But now read this, from Tom Ciccotta’s article at

Stanford University will introduce a course this fall which will task students with considering “abolishing whiteness” and the ultimate goal of understanding “what is the future of whiteness,” according to the institution’s course catalog.

The “White nationalists” who marched through UVA’s campus are an anomaly.  A rarity.

But the institutionalization of treating “Whiteness” as a form of inherent evil (it doesn’t matter who you are or what you think or do, if you’re White you’re part of it) is a reality in colleges and universities around the country.  I could spend hours posting examples – such as the “no Whites day” at that fountain of enlightenment, Evergreen College in Washington State.

And – here’s the key point – minus the cross-burnings and lynchings, this institutionalization of racism against White people is every bit as racist as the ku klux klan was/still is.

Why?  Because it singles out, judges, and punishes people based solely on their skin color.

That group of “White nationalist” haters at UVA marched as a reaction to racism – on the grounds that their version of racism is better.  They can go to hell, every one of them.

But are they the canary in the coal mine?  The precursor to mainstream White rights groups?

Black civil rights groups formed, and grew into prominence, as a reaction to racism against Black people.

How soon before White civil rights groups form, and grow into prominence, as a reaction to racism against White people on campuses around the country?

Race hatred is race hatred.  No matter who is performing it and who it is aimed at.

You don’t solve racism by creating more of it.  Period.

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