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The best thing I can say about Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful Bernard “Bernie” Sanders is that he is authentic.  In almost all cases, Mr. Sanders does not shift with the winds, his opinions are what they are and stay that way.

The worst thing I can say about Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful Bernard “Bernie” Sanders is that, economically, he is a doctrinaire socialist, and, in all too many cases, his opinions are wrong.

Here is a case in point, which\’s Steven Hayward has posted on his latest blog:

Sanders Tweet copy

Mr. Hayward\’s take on this “logic”:

Apparently Bernie has never been told the difference between a secured loan and an unsecured loan, let alone the higher lending risk involved in making a student loan to a gender studies major. Maybe this parody picture from our most recent Saturday picture gallery wasn\’t a parody after all?

Sanders Economics Books copy

Ok, I admit that\’s a little bit nasty.

But I do like the way one of the blog\’s commenters, who goes under the name Steven Litvintchuk, puts it:

Elizabeth Warren was making that same argument even before Bernie Sanders ran for President: It\’s unfair that some loans have a higher interest rate than others!

If you default on your mortgage, the bank will foreclose and own your property (unless you didn\’t pay your property taxes either, in which case the state will own it).

If you default on your student loan, will the bank ask you for your bachelor\’s degree back?

Well said.
Barring a major miracle, Bernie Sanders is not going to win the Democrat presidential nomination.  But the extent of support he gets among Democrats should – should – tell us something about where a lot of Democrats are these days.

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