Ken Berwitz

This week, the New York Yankees acquired premier closer aroldis chapman from the Cincinnati Reds, for four low-to-medium minor league prospects; guys that, to use a hackneyed phrase, are a dime a dozen.

How did they pull that off?  Why did Cincinnati virtually give someone that good away?

Here\’s your answer: chapman is currently under investigation because, during an argument with his girl friend, he took a gun, fired off eight shots into his garage, and choked her.

The girl friend is not filing charges (which either is a case of “battered girlfriend” syndrome or an “if I file, I lose the rich, famous guy, this big house I\’m living in and the things he gets me” syndrome.  Maybe both.  (For reference on how this works, check Kobe Bryant\’s wife and Ray Rice\’s girlfriend-now-wife).

When chapman\’s behavior became known, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were in the process of acquiring chapman for dramatically more in player value than the Yankees gave up, killed the trade.  They wanted no part of a “man” who would do such a thing.  Other teams felt the same.

So Cincinnati, desperate to unload chapman and his $15 million dollar contract even before the incident, made it known that he was available for next to nothing.  

Enter Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman.  Trade done.

My wife, an avid Yankee fan, says she won\’t watch the team now.  And my son, always a big Yankee fan, is sickened by the trade as well.  I have no doubt they are far, far from alone.

As for me, a Yankee fan since I was 8 years old, I\’m not quite as far down the road as my wife and son.  But I\’m close.  

In terms of talent, aroldis chapman is borderline amazing.  he strikes batters out at a rate of over 15 per complete game – the highest in baseball history.  

But I don\’t care how good a pitcher he is, or how much we are told the trade was “too good to refuse”.  This is a terrible trade that should never have been made. 

Brian Cashman and the Yankee organization should be ashamed of themselves.

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