How far back was it known that bowe bergdahl was a liar and, probably, a deserter?

CLICK HERE, and watch a video of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, on Fox News (where did you expect it to come from?  MSNBC?) telling us that, barring some information we were unaware of (information which never came), bergdahl was a liar and a deserter – and explaining why in full detail.

Peters told us that bergdahl was probably spirited into Pakistan by this time (he was correct) and that there was a good chance the taliban would not kill him because of his propaganda value (correct again).

Then please be aware that this video was from July 19, 2009 – almost five years ago.

That\’s right.  It was clear almost five years ago that bergdahl was a liar and a deserter.  But today, June 2, 2014, the Obama administration is trying to sell us on the absolute BS that, in serial liar susan rice\’s words, “he served the United States with honor and distinction”.

These people do not even try to hide their lies anymore.  How can anyone believe a word they say about anything?

And how can mainstream media protect them? 

If Matt Lauer\’s questions to Jay Carney on this morning\’s Today Show are any indication then, at least regarding their lies about bergdahl, Obama & Co. will not be able to hide behind an obeisant Accomplice Media. 

It\’s about effing time.

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