The donald sterling/NBA fiasco is like the OJ trial all over again. 

Try and find one person (other than sterling\’s wife Shelly – I think) who is worth a crap, or who isn\’t full of crap.

Here is the latest BS from one of the more useless players in this farce, excerpted from Jen Heger\’s piece at radaronline.com (whatever that is):

Thewoman at the center of the DonaldSterling racism scandal, the ex-Los Angeles Clippers owner\’sgal pal VStiviano, was badly beaten up by two white men in New York Cityon Sunday night, her lawyer has confirmed exclusivelyto RadarOnline.

Theywere about 5\’7 and they knew exactly who she was. They began to hither and called her the N word.

Stivianowas taken to a doctor who examined her for possibleinjuries, he said.

Sheis expected to make a full recovery, although “one side of herface is extremely red and she is obviously very scared (about herwellbeing),” Nehorary added to Radar.

Stivianohadn\’t filed a police report yet, he added.

Do you buy this?  If so, you can also buy some nice Unicorn filets I am selling – this week only – at $1,000 a pound.

We are being asked to believe that V Stiviano (apparently she has no first name, only a first letter – maybe her parents were too poor to provide her with the name, or she is in some way related to the late UN Secretary-General U Thant) had the stuffing beat out of her by two racist-spouting guys, resulting in….oh, some redness on one side of her face… 

…from which she is expected to make a full recovery, as if facial redness were something to recover from. 

For the record, my elbow was scratched this week by two mosquitos which called me the “zzzzzzzzzzzzap” word.  I also expect to make a full recovery…so I guess V and me both have a newsworthy story to tell.

And let\’s not forget that no police report was filed.  I mean, why would V want to file a police report about two guys assaulting a defenseless woman while hurling racial epithets at her?  Heck if she did that, the police would actually have to investigate, and determine if this happened or it is a hot, steamy load of BS.  We certainly don\’t want that, do we?

Well, I guess this will keep V\’s name…uh, letter… on some people\’s minds for another few days – or, more exactly, bring it back to their minds, since I\’m pretty confident that very few people are still thinking about her at all, except to laugh at what a doddering fool sterling must have been to bring this inconsequential homewrecker into his life.  So, in a funhouse-mirror sort of way, I suppose it is something of a victory (maybe that\’s what the V stands for) in her late-14th minute of fame.

Maybe afterwards she and Kato Kaelin from the OJ trial can tour together – like Roxie and Velma from “Chicago”. 

Wouldn\’t that be grand?

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