Obviously, when I blog an opinion I think I\’m right – otherwise I wouldn\’t be blogging it.  And, also obviously, I usually feel good when my opinion turns out to be correct.

But there are times when I wish to god I would be proven wrong.  And yesterday was one of them.

From my blog titled “The Rawlings-Blake Effect”, in which I castigated Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for her impossibly stupid admission that she allowed street thugs to riot and loot (her exact words: “We gave those who wished to destroy space to do that”), here is my opinion of what she should have done and what would happen if she didn\’t:

Unless Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a complete idiot (and the jury is still out on that one) she should immediately be telling police do to whatever it takes to restore order.

No matter how bad she thinks things will be if the police retake the streets, the alternative – and that alternative will occur very soon if the police remain stymied – is going to be far worse.

Last night, Baltimore – especially downtown Baltimore – turned into a war zone.  17 police injured, countless acts of looting and vandalism, businesses burned down, and the Governor hurriedly (belatedly, it certainly can be argued) sending in the National Guard.

The Major League game between the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox was cancelled, out of concerns for the safety of attendees, workers, even players.

A question for Mayor Rawlings-Blake: How many workers do you figure lost out on a day\’s pay because the game was canceled?  How many hard-working people – Black and non-Black – who pay taxes that support the street thugs committing these crimes, lost their jobs at the businesses which were looted and destroyed?  How do you suppose they feel about your brilliant idea to give those thugs an open field to destroy their places of employment? 

But don\’t stop at just the citizens who live in your city.  What do you think the country, and the world, now thinks of Baltimore?  How terrific a tourist season do you figure you\’ll be having this year?

Do I take pride in being right about this?  None at all.  Apart from the fact that – again – I wish I weren\’t, how could any reasonable person not have seen it coming?  The Mayor of the city tells street thugs they have a free pass to do what they do best – break, steal and destroy – so what do you think they will do?  Form a Kumbaya Committee to give tourists a big hug and directions to their hotels?

The next blog is going to be my “Quote Of The Day”.  It comes from a man who has no problem seeing things clearly and talking plain common sense.  Please don\’t miss it.

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