Ann Coulter is an especially frustrating media personality to me because when she is wrong – and that is often – I actively dislike what she is saying, but when she is right – and that also is often – she says it so well.

Speaking of the latter, this is what Ms. Coulter has to say about the importance of Republicans staying on message and running a 2014 campaign which (barring some as-yet unforseen event that might change things) makes the Democrat albatross of ObamaCare its superseding issue:

“I…think all Republican candidates should be trained with shockcollars and cattle prods to automatically respond, upon hearing somecombination of the words \’abortion,\’ \’rape\’ and\’incest\’: \’Yes, of course there should be exceptionsin the case of rape or incest, and I also support giving rapists thedeath penalty, unlike my Democratic opponent, who wants to giverapists the right to vote. Now, back to what I was saying aboutObamacare …”

Other than the “death penalty” line, that is excellent. 

A statement like that does three things:

1) It distances the Republican candidate from its party\’s stupid, self-damaging national platform stand on abortion,

2) it supports a severe penalty for rapists (dump the death penalty and substitute a mandatory 15 – 20 year minimum sentence; that will work), and 

3) it puts Democrats on the defensive for supporting President Obama\’s repulsive idea that felons should have be handed back their voting privileges …which, if it were implemented, would mean (and here\’s an angle Ms. Coulter didn\’t mention, but I will) that the same man who raped a woman would then be able to cancel out her vote.

Let\’s not forget that ObamaCare has been an ongoing disaster. Its web site was catastrophic — and still no demands for a full or partial refund of our tax dollars from the company which mangled it (whose Executive Vice President is Michelle Obama\’s BFF from Princeton).  It is wildly underperforming, both in sign-ups and in the percentage of young people signing up.  And virtually every part of is has been waived into the future – specifically to avoid voters actually experiencing how bad it really is prior to the mid-term elections. 

Simply stated, ObamaCare is so good an issue for Republicans, that even they are capable of using it effectively.

My congratulations to Ms. Coulter for, in her own way, forcefully bringing home the fact that ObamaCare is a huge winner for Republicans this year, and why – unlike other years – they should not be taken off-message by the opposition.

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