FYI:  Going into this weekend (thus two weeks into general release), American Sniper has grossed $227 million domestically, and a remarkable $47 million internationally, for a total of $274,000,000.

Moreover, it is still in thousands of theaters, and probably will be among the highest-grossing films again this weekend – maybe the single highest.

Take a good look, Hollywood – especially those brilliant folks who put out overtly anti-USA (not anti-war, but anti-USA) movies like “Syriana”, “Rendition”, “Redacted”, “In The Valley Of Elah”, etc.  You could have put out movies that do not celebrate war, but explore how wars are fought, why some things are done, and what effect they have on the soldiers who risk their lives to do those things. 

Like American Sniper.

But you didn\’t.  And because you didn\’t, because you instead put out a succession of left wing USA hate-fests, you lost untold millions of dollars (some estimates are as high as a billion dollars).

Then try to imagine how sorry I feel for you.

That\’s what you\’ll have to do. Imagine.  

Because I don\’t.

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