Here is the tweet:

President Donald Trump returned Friday to a threat to close the nation's southern border if he doesn't get his wall money from Congress

OK, let’s take the points President Trump makes one by one:

-Should the wall be funded?  Yes.

-Are we saddled with ridiculous immigration laws?  Yes.

-Is it hard to believe that these laws got through congress and were signed by a President?  Yes.

I don’t know how far Mr. Trump’s hardball stance is going to get with Democrats.  But he has every point spot-on correct.


  • Asking a smaller woman on a date violates Title IX

    The University of Missouri believes that asking someone on a date can violate Title IX in certain situations. Its officials can’t agree on which situations, however.

    In a motion for summary judgment filed on Christmas Eve, Jeremy Rowles shared excerpts of depositions with Mizzou officials from his federal lawsuit against the public university.

    They suggest that male students should avoid asking out female students at all, particularly when the male is physically larger than the female.

    Andy Hayes (left), who remains assistant vice chancellor for civil rights and Title IX, concurred that “power” isn’t tied to an “authority situation.” In her deposition, Hayes said: “I think there could be a feeling of that [abuse of ‘power’] just by the nature of your gender.”

    Asked to clarify that she was saying the “power” provision “could apply to any situation with any man and any woman,” Hayes responded: “It could.”


    • 100 years from now people will look back on America at this time and conclude we were insane.

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