Stacey Dash is an actress.  Her breakthrough role was as Dionne, Alicia Silverstone\’s friend in “Clueless”, and has played numerous TV and movie roles since then. 

But Ms. Dash does have a problem:  she is a Black woman whose politics are center-right….which absolutely infuriates the “tolerant” left.

It has just been announced that Ms. Dash is becoming a Fox news contributor – a role she will share with numerous other TV personalities on both the right and the left (anyone who does not know that Fox has an impressive lineup of leftward contributors as well as right is either just back from a mission to Mars, or is relying on the hate-commentaries of people who cannot stand that Fox exists at all).

So how are some of those “tolerant” folks on the left reacting to Ms. Dash\’s latest gig?  Here is a sampling, which I pulled from an article at twitchy.com – and remember that the language you are about to read is not mine, it is theirs:

“andhow is Stacey Dash about to “contribute” to Fox News likestraight-to-DVD black cinema aint pay some of them bills…”

“shetruly thinks she\’s a white woman?”

“Notsurprised but ?. Gotta hv that blk token”

“foxnews adds another coon newscaster”

“WOW.Turncoat ass bitch”


Enjoying the show of “tolerance” from the morally superior crowd?  Believe me, there\’s a lot more where that came from.

Now, grow old waiting for an outcry from any of the so-called “Black” or “women\’s” groups – the ones which would be howling from here to eternity if these comments were made about a female Black actress who signed on with, say, MSNBC.

See, Stacey Dash is not a real Black and not a real woman.  Because she does not rigidly adhere to the points of view these groups espouse.  Since Ms. Dash dares to think independently and (gasp!) come to different conclusions on some issues than they do, she is no longer a member of either group.  She has been exorcised and must be condemned.  Let them say things about her skin color and her gender.  That\’s fine.  Hell, it\’s Stacey Dash we\’re talking about, not a real Black or a real woman.

I\’ve said this many times, and it bears repeating now:  it is amazing how much hatred – be it race based, gender based, or, in this case, both – is spewed by some people who profess to be against hatred.

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