Did you know that one of Roy Moore’s accusers comes from a drug-dealing family (two of her sons and her brother), and that her brother’s prosecutor was Roy Moore?

Did you know that, when Roy Moore was a Judge, he ruled against a man whose brother is currently an editor at the Washington Post, which first “broke” the story about his accusers?

Well, watch this investigative report from One America News – NOT any mainstream media venue – and see/hear for yourself:

If this information, which certainly casts a different light on accusations against Moore and the motivation for those accusations, was obtainable for One America News – because it is all available through public records – wasn’t it obtainable for other media?

That being the case, why is it that not one of their investigative arms came up with any of this easily obtainable information?  What possible reason could there be, other than 1) they did not look for it or 2) they found it but declined to inform their viewers/readers/listeners that it existed?

And why is it that they are not demanding the high school yearbook entry dredged up by bottom-feeder Gloria Allred be analyzed by independent handwriting experts…and that the fact Allred won’t allow it raises obvious suspicions about its authenticity?

At this point, as the accusations against Moore become more and more suspect and the disgraceful half-story coverage by mainstream media becomes more and more evident, it is an increasingly good bet Moore will win his senate race.

Then we’ll see how Republicans deal with the situation – i.e. an incoming senator who is under heavy clouds of suspicion, but without one iota of actual proof that any of the accusations are true.  Will they join Democrats in tossing him to the wolves?

If you like it messy, you’re going to love this.

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