…you are told what a sack of manure you are for having a certain skin color and being a certain gender?

So help me, there is now a website organizing dinners where White women pay to be told what an impediment they are for being White women…something they, of course, can do nothing about.

This racism-a-thon has been cooked up by saira rao, a ‘progressive’ (read that hard left) Democrat, whose last foray into politics was an unsuccessful attempt to win a primary in Colorado’s 1st district from Diana DeGette, the very popular incumbent who went on to win the general election with 74% of the vote.

But DeGette didn’t win because Coloradans in that district liked her and her policies, you see.  She won because she had the insurmountable advantage of being White, and female.

So what about this “pay to be told off for something you have no control over” dinner concept?

I’ll let rao tell you in her own words, straight from her race2dinner.com website (bold print and capitalization hers, not mine):

Our mission is simple – reveal the naked truth about RACISM in America and YOUR COMPLICITY as white women. This isn’t the stuff of Trump, the KKK and Nazis. That’s easy, it’s obvious and denouncing it requires almost nothing of white folks. What’s hard? Looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging that, as a white person in America, you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy. This isn’t personal. This doesn’t make you bad. This is systemic. And this makes you human who is part of that system. As Black and Brown women, we too are humans who are part of the system. Only we are on the other side: we are on the receiving end of white supremacy while you are on the giving end. Until and unless white folks are willing to bear witness to the pain they’ve caused, we will never see change. The system of oppression will remain safely in place until white people – ALL WHITE PEOPLE – are willing to acknowledge their complicity.

rao could have saved a lot of word, by stopping at “our mission is simple”.  Because racism is the simplest thing there is.  What could be simpler than seeing someone of a race – someone you’ve never met in your life – and immediately believing that, via race alone, you can define that person.

Here’s the news.  Being White and being a woman doesn’t make you anything but a White woman.  And being a woman with black or brown skin doesn’t make you anything but a woman with black or brown skin.  There is no inherent oppression based on color or gender, and not every woman of color is a victim.

saira rao is a racist.  Pure and simple.  Even if she thinks the lame disclaimer that “This doesn’t make you bad – this is systemic” – which is right up (actually down) there with “They’re not all bad.  Why, some of my best friends are nigg…er, uh, nigras” – somehow absolves her.

How many times does it have to be said?  You cannot solve racism by creating more of it.

And running dinners where White women pay for the “privilege” of being told that, because of their race and gender, they’re the problem and there’s nothing they can do about it, is ground zero of trying to do just that.


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  • I hope she overcharges any of the women that go to this establishment. Because you can bet she isn’t going to be in business for very long.

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