Ken Berwitz

willis carto, the racist, anti-semitic, nazi-loving “journalist”, and general, all-around scumbag, is dead at the age of 89.


If you are not familiar with that name, you can read all about him here.  Bring a barf bag.

Once you understand who and what carto was, you will understand why it is so thoroughly stomach-turning that he was a regular contributor to “Freedom Report”, the newsletter put out by former congressperson ron paul.

“Freedom Report” was a cesspool of racism, anti-semitism and anti-gay filth.  Little wonder it appealed to willis carto.

Now:  why do you suppose ron paul allowed carto to be an ongoing contributor?  Because he was UNsympathetic to carto\’s views?

paul has, for years, claimed he never read what was in the news letter and didn\’t know what carto was producing for it.  That is an obvious lie.

This was an 8 page newsletter, owned by ron paul, with ron paul\’s name on the masthead, and paul was the man who either profited or lost from its performance in the marketplace.  To believe he was unaware of its contents (i.e. he never read his own newsletter and no one ever told him what was in it) is to believe the moon is made of green cheese.

I have always said that it is wrong to visit the sins of one family member on another.  But if the two family members are very close, and share political views, I have to assume that they know what each other is doing.

In this regard, Rand Paul has never, ever condemned the filth his father had no problem putting out, and has never distanced himself from his father. 

It is one of the main reasons that I could not, and would not, ever consider voting for him.  As much as I dislike Hillary Clinton, if Rand Paul were to somehow win the Republican nomination, and run against her, Ms. Clinton would get my vote.

As for willis carto?   May he Rot In Hell.

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