When will Israel finally relent and offer the Palestinians a two-state solution, instead of occupying their land?

The above sentence is two things:

-A brief, but reasonably complete, summary of what many people believe makes all the sense in the world…

-…but 100% wrong in every way.

Why and how is it wrong?  I have blogged about this many times over the years.

Today, however, I will hand the ball to Dennis Prager, whose “Prager University” has put together an excellent, historically accurate, 5 minute video which explains things fully:


Did you watch the video?  Too bad.  Because now you will be burdened with facts that, if expressed in some quarters, will cause people to “know” you are a hopeless ignoramus.

In other words, just like expressing them at a session of the United Nations General Assembly…


  • At the end he makes clear why the Arabs [Muslims] won’t make a deal.
    The “religion” of Islam will never recognize a Jewish state. They only want to destroy the Jews everywhere not just in tiny Israel. If “Palestinians” ever did get a state they would expel or kill every Jew there and most likely use this new state as a platform to further attack Israel. We will never see peace between “Palestine” and Israel, the Muslims “religion” would never allow it.

    • I put Palestine and Islam in quotes because Palestinians aren’t really a people and Islam is not a religion.

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